About us

Ashwood Homes is built on the idea that we never want to be the biggest - we just want to be the best. It's that philosophy that guides every aspect of our business. It's easy to slap together a renovation for a quick buck. But we know that's not how you build lasting relationships with clients or contractors. We use the best materials available, hire skilled tradespeople, and design homes with thorough attention to detail. When we build, we do it with passion and professionalism, so that every finished product is something that we are proud to have built, and that you'll be proud to own. We are also happy to pick up where other contractors may have left off, either with incomplete work, or just a job that you're not satisfied with. One of our goals is to bring credibility back to an industry that has been hurt by unqualified contractors who take advantage of innocent people.

We fuse our passion for superior building with our love for the environment. At Ashwood Homes it is our goal to find simple, inexpensive, and eco-friendly changes that make a big impact on our environment. We all want to do our part and sometimes we don't know what that is. With fully trained R-2000/Built Green staff members, we are eager to take what we've learned and incorporate it in the home construction and renovation market.

When given the knowledge and opportunity everyone makes responsible choices for the planet. In every project we adhere to the principals of building green: energy efficiency, health, and durable construction with sustainable materials. We are proud to take the lead in reducing greenhouse gases and using sustainable materials. We would love to talk to you about what changes you can make in your home to reduce your impact on the environment.

Ashwood Homes

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